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The Only Camp that Lets You Learn from Home

Begin with fundamentals and upgrade your knowledge until you become a master of programming skills. Nobody can do it for you!

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A Valuable Knowledge Within a Hand's Reach

We won’t set any deadlines, you can take lessons when you want and learn in your spare time. In each lesson, you get to put into work everything you’ve learned, and see how much you’ve improved. You will get introduced to several different coding fields and get hold of the rules of various programming languages. On top of that, our Interview Preparation section, containing numerous potential interview questions, will prepare you for your first (or next) job interview. We give you access to the full extent of theoretical and practical knowledge, so that nothing can stand between you and your future.

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Responsive Web Design Course

Basics of HTML and HTML 5, as well as Basic CSS, CSS Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Course

Basic JavaScript, JavaScript ES6, and Debugging among other topics.

Front End Libraries Course

Several front-end libraries such as jQuery, React, Bootstrap, and Redux are waiting for you.

Data Visualisation Course

Learn about Data Visualisation through our course in 3D, as well as JSON APIs and Ajax.

APIs and Microservices Course

Get knowledge in Basic Node and Express, nmp, MongoDB, Mongoose.

Information Security and Quality Assurance Course

Learn skills in Node and Express, as well as HelmetJS and Quality Assurance with Chai.

Coding Interview Preparation

Check your knowledge in Algorithms, Data Structures, Rosetta Code, and Project Euler.



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